About us

Safe Child's ID

      This company was founded on the belief of providing a safer environment for our children.  Having been out shopping when one of our kids thought it would be funny they would disappear in the clothing rack or around the corner of the grocery store and we thought we had lost them, the first questions asked by those helping to find them is, what do they look like how old is your child, can you remember what they were wearing.  From experience under a stressful situation and trying to remember any detail is hard. That is when we came up with Child ID cards.  Parents, babysitters, grandparent’s caregivers can carry a durable card with a recent description of height weight identifiable information in credit card wallet size. 


Peace of Mind You Can Keep in Your Wallet
We at Safe Child Id's never want you to need it but if you did you would be able in an instant provide a color picture with a recent description of your child without having to try and remember in a stressful situation. This ID is very durable and if updated yearly can provide you with a growth keepsake so that you can look back and see just how much your child grew from year to year.


Child ID's what you will get are 3 Child ID'S. One ID will come with a card protector a lanyard for your child to where when you go to the local park, county or state fair, mall, grocery shopping, anywhere. If you become separated, the contact information on the back will allow for shop keepers, security guards, or just a concerned adult wanting to help a lost child contact you, safely reuniting you and your child. The other Child ID is for a parent, guardian, or caregiver to keep close at hand in a wallet, purse. The card provides up to date information on the child with a current picture that you can provide quickly to Police Investigators and others to use in a search.