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Lanyard Colors

Lanyard Colors



  • Lanyards

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  • Card Magnets


    Do you need a extra Magnet well here you go.

       Peel and stick.

  • Id Cable


    A stainless steel reusable cable is great when a child can’t stand a lanyard hanging around their neck; use them to tie the id around a belt loop or the belt itself.

  • ID Protector


    Thick, Zip-Lock,Weather-Resistant, Badge Holder. Maximum Insert Size of 3.63'' x 2.75''.

  • Elastic Neon Armbands


    1 Neon elastic armbands for arm or leg 14 inches long.

  • Medicine Dosage Tracker


    You’ve been up all taking care of a sick baby, it becomes harder and harder to remember when you last gave your child some medicine let alone how much. Our tags are reusable, you can write on these with a sharpie it will wipe off with alcohol and comes with two magnetic's so you can attach it to almost anything.

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